Now in Cadiz

From coast to coast the Atlantic Ocean keeps marvelling me. When I started Spanish in Uruguay I never dreamed I would end up one day travelling along with the project to different corners of this planet. So it is now that after 11 years in Uruguay I have come to settle for a few years in the Costa de Read more +

The Sugar Shack

There are many rewarding feelings in this job of meeting people from all over the world interested in the Latin culture and the Spanish speaking. Undoubtedly one of the sweetest side of having North American friends/students (Canada and USA) is the souvenirs. Thanks to John and Anne Marie from Michigan, Read more +

Mexican food the Uruguayan style

No one was surprised when we finished dinner. Where shall we meet for a great night after classes? Typical uruguayan? parrillada? maybe pizzas? .... What about mexican? La Cantina Mexicana became our favourite restaurant in La Paloma. Healthy mexican food, slightly spiced and warmly served. There Read more +

Spanish, surf and … ice cream!

Undoubtedly there is no better reward after exhausting Spanish lessons than a great "helado" from Popi. The most popular ice cream shop in town. Every night in summer people line up until 4 am to get one of the many possible delicious combinations of flavours. Don 't miss the speciality : dulce de leche!!! Read more +

Spanish teacher struggles with Dansk ost

Summer breeze is blowing in the southern hemisphere. It's been a great year. I've had the chance of being in my own students' shoes while visiting a foreign country where I was a totally stranger to its costumes and language. Walking down the supermarket aisle and trying to guess the content inside Read more +

Tango, Surf and Spanish?

It s hard to believe that a Finnish chef can motivate you to dance tango in Uruguay but so it is. Thanks to Kalle's first experience in  tango lessons in town we are glad to accompany this new project by recommending all our students to join in. In the Centro Cultural de La Paloma you can now learn Read more +

Warming up

I'd like to start saying thanks to everyone who has chosen La Paloma as part of their destination in South America and specially to those who have enjoyed some Spanish lessons during 2014. Friends from Germany, Australia, USA, Canada, France sharing some really fun lessons and living some good time in Read more +

Working together

Spanish in Uruguay is joining a group of people around Uruguay to offer a wide variety of services for foreing visitors. Many students come to Uruguay in the vibe of exploring a not very well known territory and to try experiences they have heard from friends or read on wikipedia. But almost everyone Read more +

Uruguay gets great shows in Easter

Not only sand, sun and surf you get when you visit Uruguay in late summer and early Autumn. Great concerts have happened during these days in Montevideo mainly. Zaz, Calle 13 and Paul Mc Cartney are only a few examples of foreign visitors playing great concerts in the Uruguayan capital. What I can Read more +

New materials for 2014

Until recently not many good books were available for Latin Spanish students. Most of the materials are printed in Spain or Mexico (for USA schools) based on a different culture and therefore, different variations of the Spanish language. Now it is possible to get some good textbooks for South American Read more +