New materials for 2014

new materials for classes

new materials for classes

Until recently not many good books were available for Latin Spanish students. Most of the materials are printed in Spain or Mexico (for USA schools) based on a different culture and therefore, different variations of the Spanish language. Now it is possible to get some good textbooks for South American Spanish focusing on our culture and the pecularities of our Spanish language.

At Spanish in Uruguay we have adopted a whole set of books coming from Voces del Sur publishings in Argentina. These new materials will contribute with our Communicative approach of the language since most of the tasks are designed to encourage students with genuine situations and own motivated ideas.

I hope you can join for classes and try either 1 – 1 or group lessons with these really recommendable materials.


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My name is Gastón Pereyra and I have worked as a Spanish teacher since 2002 with a certificate on Spanish Teacher for Foreign Learners at the International House Institute. I have also worked with students from all over the world at institutes in Mexico and Uruguay.