Uruguay gets great shows in Easter

paul_mccartneyNot only sand, sun and surf you get when you visit Uruguay in late summer and early Autumn. Great concerts have happened during these days in Montevideo mainly. Zaz, Calle 13 and Paul Mc Cartney are only a few examples of foreign visitors playing great concerts in the Uruguayan capital.

What I can tell you is that Paul’s show was one of the best concerts I’ve ever watched and it seems it was even better than his first performance back in 2012 in his historical Estadio Centenario. We enjoyed as many Beatles’ songs as from  his solo albums like Wings or his latest New. The most incredible moments came when stage elevated for Black Bird or when a majestic fireworks display during Live and Let Die. He seems to enjoy playing jokes with the audience and he even dared some well prepared comments in Spanish and you can tell he is fluent in a basic Spanish level.

Maybe the most impressive was the duration of the show lasting for almost 3 hours with 2 re entries.

Since Easter Week is big time for toursim around Uruguay, the concert was packed with Argentinians and Brazilians that took a break from the beach to enjoy some nightlife action.

Tickets please!!!

Tickets please!!!

Besides these above mentioned shows Uruguay offers other traditional celebrations during this week as the Semana de la Cerveza (Beer week) in Paysandu around the great hot springs resorts, Criolla del Prado (Rodeos at El Prado) in Montevideo, and many more local celebrations that deserve a well scheduled plan.

If you are thinking on visiting South America some time soon, consider March and April as great months with a combination of lower prices, nice weather and interesting traditional celebrations.

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