Spanish teacher struggles with Dansk ost

Cheese wagon in Silkeborg Sunday market.

Cheese wagon in Silkeborg Sunday market

Summer breeze is blowing in the southern hemisphere. It’s been a great year. I’ve had the chance of being in my own students’ shoes while visiting a foreign country where I was a totally stranger to its costumes and language. Walking down the supermarket aisle and trying to guess the content inside those intriguing packagings. Deciphering the name of the right corn flour for the baby’s lunch. Trying 20 different kinds of cheese from the cheese wagon parked every Sunday in the main square market.

This is one of the things that I’d love to highlight from studying at Spanish in Uruguay. Knowing the feeling and excitement of travelling to remote lands but also the anxiety, the curiosity, the explorer’s feeling we get once they stamp our passports at our hometown airport. And then sharing the joy and pleasure of feeling welcome among strangers that soon become memorable travelling experiences.

For those making plans for the next months we invite you to visit the sunny side of the Atlantic coast of Uruguay here in La Paloma.

be welcome then


Cycling around Denmark with family.

Cycling around Denmark with family

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My name is Gastón Pereyra and I have worked as a Spanish teacher since 2002 with a certificate on Spanish Teacher for Foreign Learners at the International House Institute. I have also worked with students from all over the world at institutes in Mexico and Uruguay.