Now in Cadiz

From coast to coast the Atlantic Ocean keeps marvelling me. When I started Spanish in Uruguay I never dreamed I would end up one day travelling along with the project to different corners of this planet. So it is now that after 11 years in Uruguay I have come to settle for a few years in the Costa de la Luz.

Andalucia, Spain is where the first voyagers to the American continent took off. North Spain is where the ancestors of most of actual South American population came from. This trip to Cadiz not only means new projects and challenges for the upcoming years but also a re-encounter with branches of our own family tree that split apart at some point in history.

Quite different times these are when we can choose accommodation via internet or keep in live communication with our owns back at home. But some things remain the same. Expectations. Uncertainty. Those feelings belong to any human who takes up new challenges beyond known horizons.

This is then our new challenge. Bring all the experience of the last years now into a new land and start looking for new opportunities.

Hope you like the idea too and look forward to seeing you soon for some coffee, tapas, beer and Spanish.


Family view from top of the cliff. North East Atlantic

Family view from top of the cliff. North East Atlantic

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My name is Gastón Pereyra and I have worked as a Spanish teacher since 2002 with a certificate on Spanish Teacher for Foreign Learners at the International House Institute. I have also worked with students from all over the world at institutes in Mexico and Uruguay.