Spanish lessons


At Spanish in Uruguay we work with the idea of teaching in a context. A task based communicative approach is considered to design the best program for every student. The best way to acquire a new language is living and making use of it on every day’s activities. That’s why we offer you homestays with local families that provide a lot more than just homemade food and bed. It represents the opportunity to immerse yourself in the South American culture. Extra class activities are highly recommended to complete a unique experience and make the best out of it.


Classes are organized on 1:45 hour blocks that can be taken either, individually or in groups. We set the class to work on different aspects as pronunciation, listening, speaking, grammar and common situations in a Spanish speaking world. Targets and goals depend on every student requirements and there is a great flexibility on the way lessons are developed. Group lessons are also possible and they are organized to interact among similar leveled students.


Spanish in Uruguay counts with experienced and certified native speaker teachers who have worked in Spanish schools in México, Hawaii and Uruguay of course. We make use of modern concepts in language teaching in order to build dynamic classes that adjust to every student needs.