Surf in La Paloma Uruguay

La Paloma offers a variety of spots and breaks to fulfil the expectations of surfers of all levels. Rock points, beach breaks, sheltered bays and shorebreaks distinguish La Paloma as the Uruguayan surfing capital.

Its unique cape orientation allows surfing "off shore" conditions under almost all wind directions. Being autumn maybe “Surfing High Season”, swells reach the Atlantic coast of Uruguay all year round.

Water temperatures range from 13ºC in winter (July – August) to 22ºC in summer (January – February).

The number of breaks around La Paloma beaches makes crowded surfing not a big problem and for those in pursuit of the dream of empty waves on a lonely beach, this Atlantic coastline still keeps some unexplored treasures.

Uruguayan surfers are cool and relaxed and localism has never been an issue with visitors. There are many Uruguayan surfers that have reached a high level of surfing internationally such as Marco Giorgi, Luis María Iturria, Celia Barbosa, and the new generations are already making it at top international competitions.

Surf schools are popular now and available at all beaches in La Paloma.

Surf lessons

We offer surfing lessons with our partner schools for all levels and at different beaches. Surfing lessons are 1hr long and schools provide full equipment. Surf spots are safe and close to town. A bike is a perfect vehicle in town and you can easily rent one near the bus terminal. If you feel you are ready for more you may also like to rent your own board and find your spot. In the "Week Long Pack" we offer the possibility of taking 3 surfing lessons a week.